Michelle May O’Neil

Michelle asks the important question: Are you ready to Blaze UP? She encourages you to light the match, spark the fire, and fan the flames to create your own BLAZE of success.

Michelle has been described as a “lethal combination of sweet and salty” for Southern charm and Texas wisdom. Michelle is a sought-after public speaker on both legal and empowerment topics. She is a Professional Speaker Member of the acclaimed National Speakers Association. She served as a Platinum Speaker with Zig Ziglar International, a Marketing Strategiest in Edge Global's Edge Elite Business Training Program, and a co-founder of ZZI’s Lawyers Speak by Design course.

Recent Blogs

rainy day with umbrella

This, Too, Shall Pass

When things got really bad in our lives, Momma would say, "This, too, shall pass." She didn’t use it for the small things in life. Just the really bad, dark stuff when life was kicking…
Conquer Your Fears

Fear Is a Useless Emotion

Momma taught me to reject fear from an early age. “Fear is a useless emotion,” she used to say. Which is ironic because she was famously afraid of the dark, as well as the prospect…

How to Reimagine and Reinvest to Reinvent Yourself

I recently had the great honor of speaking at the Ziglar Edge Conference in Mount Pleasant, Texas. The video is posted here, but if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, scroll down…

Are you ready to Blaze UP?